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    (Sale!!!) Spy Optic Bias Snow Goggles

    (Sale!!!) Spy Optic Bias Snow GogglesSpy Optic Bias Snow Goggles:
    Ladies it's okay to be bias with the Spy Bias goggles, they were made for you! The Bias is made with quality parts designed for a comfortable fit for any lady. Have you seen the colors? You're bound to fall in love!

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    • Optics by Carl Zeiss
    • Flexible Frame Designed for Smaller Faces/Women
    • Triple Layer Isotron Face Foam + Dri-Force Fleece
    • Dual Adjusting/Silicone Ribbed Strap w/Quick Release
    • Helmet Compatibility
    • Strap Clip System for Comfortable Fit
    • 6 Base Spherical Dual Lens
    • Anti Scratch Protection
    • 100% UV Protection
    • Patent Scoop Ventilation System/Anti-Fog

    Spy Bias Goggles<BR>Black Light<BR>Black w/Silver Rose
    Regular price: $94.95
    Sale price: $75.96
    Spy Bias Goggles<br>Thriller<BR>Rose w/Silver Mirror
    Regular price: $119.95
    Sale price: $95.96